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Spädbarnsfonden (Swedish Infant Death Fundation) is an independent charity organisation with no ties, neither political nor religious. The pillars of the association are parents who have lost children themselves.

Our principal purpose is to support parents, and families, who have experienced the heavy loss of a child before its birth, or during its first year.

We also spread information about infant death, and offer different types of education.
In addition, we also award research grants to promising studies aiming to reduce the infant death toll, or to develop improved methods for treating those afflicted

Our own experiences show that communication with others in the same situation is of great value, and also helps us to live on.

Our members are therefore invited to meetings, support groups, memorial gatherings, and lectures. We also arrange family weekends, and retreats, to offer the possibility to connect with others, and exchange personal experiences.

Information for bereaved parents
Our folder “For you who has lost a child”, was written by moms and dads, who wanted to share their own experiences of losing a child.
Of course, the nature of the grieving process varies from person to person, but especially during the very traumatic period directly following the child’s death, most parents find it difficult to know what one could or should do.
We have experienced that it is usually the things you didn’t know that you could or didn’t dare do, that you later regret the most. For this reason, the folder contains a number of simple, yet helpful suggestions to facilitate a little in this very difficult situation.

Regional activities
Our local support work throughout Sweden is divided county wise, into 21 local “districts”. Most of the districts have one or more “district coordinators”, who are responsible for the local support work . Our larger districts also have assisting volunteers and contact persons.

For many parents, getting the opportunity of meeting others with similar experiences meant finding a mental turning point. Therefore, our local districts arrange therapy groups, memorial gatherings, and so called “open meetings”.

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